I am AnmanIndustries. I have had a web presence since 1996. I have gone under a number of names, but in 2006 I settled on AnmanIndustries. When the original incarnation of this site was formed. This was to concrete my name and to abandon all the crap prior to this.

I consider myself a person of awesomeness and have come to terms with the personality I have and have embraced it. I am stubborn, rebellious against that which I do not believe in and blunt. I will tell you what I think with no regard to your reactions, unless it has consequences on my situation. In which case I will listen to you diligently and accept the outcomes with no physical display that I am disappointed in you. Of which, from that point on, I will not consider anything you have to say seriously.

I have witnessed more in life than I cared for. From a young age I have done so much and seen so much. I realised this in my middle 20’s and always assumed that every one else was like this. Turns out, the experience I have is almost unheard of amongst most people. I have used this to my advantage and have plenty to share and compare to. I believe this and a combination of various health issues I have had since I was very young, has turned me into what I am. 

The purpose of this site is mainly to host my projects and thoughts.

I first opened a site in 1997. By the time I got around to being a bit more professional and wanted to archive this site for my own reference, geocities shut down and my site was deleted.

I then opened a site a few years later for my social group late in highschool. I seriously wish I could remember the name of this site, because some of the crap that was said on that site was so damn hilarious.

After this I opened a site with a girlfriend of many years at the time. During this time I was apart of a number of major forums and some minor ones.

We then opened the original version of this site in 2005. This relationship ended and I converted it to Anmanindustries.com.

There have been 4 versions of this site, but along the way the data was preserved and is available from the Archive.

The version of the site you are looking at I created in 2014.