Japanese video media reviews

So I have been watching things like anime and other things from Japan for most of my life. I realised recently what the main appeal to Japanese media is for westerners. It’s that the west is lacking in inspiration, creativity, emotion and many other things that the average person desires, without them knowing it. As such, I’ve decided to keep a review log of what I have seen. I have seen so much that I’ve forgotten most of them, so this will probably never be a complete list. But I will add to it as I remember them and as I watch new things


Re Zero: Starting Life In Another World05-12-18100A lot of reviews of this say that the characters are close to cliches, but because they are implemented in a way that doesn't allow the author or the viewer/reader to impose themselves on the characters it makes it a masterpiece. It is a masterpiece.60The problem with the reviews is that I CAN identify with the main character. I constantly desire to watch this again, but at the same time I can't bring myself to do it for a number of personal reasons.
Attack on Titan S1-s3 (half of s3) + ova24-09-1899Unique story, excellent delivery, instils emotion and inspiration, magnificent. 95Will always be able to watch this again. Always inspires.
Samurai X - trust and betrayal24-09-1899Short, but incredible powerful. Has everything a man needs.90Watched too many times to remember.
Tekkaman Blade (american and original)25-09-1899This score is incredibly biased. The american version that was first aired when I was a kid changed me and set me in a certain direction. In my mind at the time, it was the greatest thing I had ever witnessed and my life was never the same. As an adult I would rate this a bit lower. But the Japanese version is completely different and makes that rating go up again.40I always have this little urge to watch this, but I have already watched it several times.
Code Geass - Lelouch of the Rebellion02-07-1999Extremely inspiring. Has some very emotional parts, but often lacks some common sense decisions on what should be some very smart characters. While it might appear to perhaps be a sign that all people have weaknesses, I feel it was either poor writing, or over done. 2/7/19 I revised the score. I feel the parts I was using to lower the score were more important than I realised. 85Have watched several times. Would watch again. Fits me very well.
The Rising of the Shield Hero02-10-2099SO GOOD. SO GREAT. It hits SO many points. I almost want to give it a 99.5 but it just was missing something. Something small. Tiny. I cant figure it out.70I have watched it multiple times, but it hard to watch some parts again knowing the injustice that is being served.
Clannad + After Story23-05-1898Absolutely fantastic. Well done in so many fronts. A few flaws based on its source material but it all worked out so well. Very good emotional pulls. Makes you rethink your life a bit.50Once you know everything it has less of an impact, but probably worth going back to in a couple of years.
Trigun + Movie24-09-1898Magnificent. Misses just a bit of that extra touch of emotional pull. The movie did not add or subtract anything to the series.90probably watched through more than 12 times. Probably would not watch it again recently giving how I have changed since it first came out.
Black Bullet02-10-2098Do you like raising little girls? Do you like pokemon? Do you like raising little girl pokemon? Do you like watching those little girl pokemon die horendously and violently because people don't like them? Do you like the fact that this anime will never finish because the author was arrested? Do you like the fact the writers of the show knew this and rushed to get as much of the story in as they could? YES. YES I DO!60The music is A+. The feels, while short are A+. But knowing you'll never get the answers is a bummer.
Neon Genesis Evangellion10-10-1898 / 88Here is the thing. When this first came out, decades ago, it was different to what you can find now. I have looked everywhere for the original and was not able to find it. Although, to be fair, I didn’t look hard. The original is 98, the one I ended up watching a few years ago, is 88. Great show and a classic that hasn't been met.70most likely. Every now and then if I have some down time.
Full metal Alchemist / brotherhood24-09-1898 / 85The original full metal alchemist, while not true the manga, was fantastic. Some of the most memorable scenes of any media are from this. Brotherhood just didn't work out the way they had hoped. However, it would seem people liked it better because it was true to the manga. But if you watch brotherhood on its own without reading the manga or the first anime, its pretty rubbish.75 / 10Watched the original a few times now, very good. As far as I'm concerned, there should not have been a brotherhood.
Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress S124-09-1897Damn good.65Watched a couple of times, will rewatch again once season 2 is out.
Overlord S1-S209-08-2198Extremely good. Would be pretty high up if not for the fact I can not see the core concept ever being explained.99I have watched this so many times and it is so good to watch.
Overlord S309-08-2197Lost a point due to the poor 3d animation. I usually do not judge based on art, but this was pretty bad.90Still very re watchable.
Soul Eater24-09-1897Fantastic and I always found it very pretty in a weird way. Has enough humour and seriousness to keep it high on this list.87Have watched several times, always up for it again. All worth it for when Death finally decides to get involved.
Ergo Proxy25-09-1897Excellent.81I learn something new every time I watch this and the meaning of the ending is in the entire show, but it takes a lot of deducting to work out and its great.
One punch man 1-1205-12-1897What a great show. Inspiring, a good laugh, good creative moments. Some boring moments in writing, just a bit.55Sure, why not. Already seen in a couple of times.
Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation02-07-1997Absolutely great. Not japanese at all! It's my site! I'll do what I want.85Very much so. Very pretty and fun to just watch
Kizumonogatari02-07-1997I have separated this from the rest of the series (Nekomonogatari to Hanamonogatari in this list) because this one is still the greatest of them all. It is important to note, that this and the rest of the series is not something I would have enjoyed as a child or useless young adult. I will continue the review in the other entry, but know that this is art of a very high level but it may have an acquired taste (eg, not be a moron)60The whole series is VERY LONG and I am unlikely to voluntarily choose to watch this again, even if it is better than the rest.
That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime02-10-2097Mmmmm. Hits all those over powering, society building, justice creating and enemy crushing isekai points. 80Makes for great background anime.
Darling in the FranXX02-07-1996.5I need to be really careful here as my score has been created with a LOT of things in mind. Putting aside the gay robots, the cliches and the gay ass cliche ending, this to me is great. If I had watched this 15 years ago this would have been a masterpiece. In my older age I appreciate it greatly for what it is, but some things annoy me. 2/7/19 I've added .5 to the score. I like it better than I logically scored it. 70I think this has some alright replay value.
Sword Art Online + 224-09-1896I can't go too much into the detail of this one. But the main character is a little bitch and poorly written. Very good anime though. While number 2 didn’t really add anything, I felt it didn’t take anything away. 80I have been wanting to watch this one again for a while. But I don't think it will be a good idea. Various reasons.
Ajin S1-225-09-1896The animation might be a bit weird at first, but this is damn good. Lacks a lot of inspiration and emotion of other animes, but it’s a good thriller type.55Seen it a couple of times, wouldn’t feel bad watching it again. Some scenes are mint.
Cromartie High School25-09-1896Extremely entertaining and funny. A must.75Very rewatchable, have seen it a few times.
Excel Saga25-09-1896Epic. Best Newspaper delivery scene in any media ever.80Watched it many many times.
The Twelve Kingdoms27-09-1896Very good. Hits a lot of development points and has some good inspiration.73Seen it a few times, think Im due tfor another one.
Overlord S318-10-1896Still good, starting to drag on a bit. 85High chance I will at some time.
Log Horizon 1+205-12-1896One of the better "stuck in game" ones. Very good actually. In many ways it is similar to sword art online, but it trades emotion for some pretty interesting story. I look forward to the continued story.75Probably watch it with the wife sometime soon.
Aho Girl02-07-1996Short and I am pretty sure I laughed every episode. Good stuff.70Yes. Will watch again randomly some day for sure.
Alderamin on the Sky02-07-1996I love this stuff. Real good. Very disappointed that it is unlikely to continue.85There are actual relevant lessons in war and life in this. Very good.
Eden of the east13-07-1996I watched this a few years ago but I still remember how good it made me feel. I liked it a lot and came away with some lasting concepts.64It has been a while since I watched it and I have no issues thinking about watching it again, but I think its missing a bit of real pull to make me watch to watch it again amongst all the stuff I haven't watched.
Houseki no Kuni27-07-1996Stunningly unique and interesting. I loved it the entire way through. Not really emotional or inspiring, but so... refreshing?83Oh yeah I want to watch this again. Bring on more seasons!
Kaguya-sama: Love is War02-10-2096I don’t watch stuff like this often, but this was damn good. Damn good writing, good delivery, good characters. I look forward to the next season.40I watched it twice, on my own and with my wife. Its ok, but knowing what is going to happen sort of takes away.
The Promised Neverland02-10-2096An anime made entirely of suspense and mystery. My already compromised heart did not like this one at all. But my brain loved it. Oh man it did.35Once you know its not worth it.
Baccano24-09-1895Incredibly well put together. Highly recommended.20Once you know all the secrets and twists there isn't much to it, but I think enough time has passed at that I have forgotten some of the key twists. Maybe.
Beserk (1997)24-09-1895Extremely inspiring with a moderate touch of emotional. Great story and great character development.70have seen it multiple times.
Claymore24-09-1895I really like this and I actually don't know why. I felt something, but couldn't pin point it. My wife didn’t like it. It annoys me though, that it had no discerning ending. Like, not even a milestone ending. 40If more of it comes out I will watch the first season again.
Paprika24-09-1895Being a movie is what holds this back. But it’s a damn good one and really hits the nail on the head as a metaphor for modern society. And the parade music is fantastic.55Wife likes it more than me.
Zoids Chaotic century24-09-1895Good good stuff. Still get that little tingle when watching this as an adult as I got as a kid.75Always open for a rewatch of this.
Detroit Metal City (original)25-09-1895Haha, great show, great moments, great music.60yeah, why not.
Orphen25-09-1895Very good and a classic to me.65I have seen it a few times over the years.
Wolf's Rain25-09-1895An excellent story. Although a bit lame at the end.70Have watched it every few years.
Angel Beats02-07-1995Quite emotional, but not the way I really liked. Still very much up there though. Some very funny moments. VERY.75Yeah, I can see myself watching it again. Not sure why though.
Gate02-07-1995I loved this for stupid reasons. I am a man after all and this was clearly targeted at men. Nothing more to say. Figure it out for yourself.78Yes. Much enjoy.
Charlotte27-07-1995This was really good. A lot of unique tie ins and a subtle but moderate amount of emotion. I went into this with limited expectation and was blow away.68Might be part of my bi yearly rewatch cycle. Mmm. Maybe every three years.
Attack on Titan s3 part 202-10-2095Good.70the mysteries are being solved, but still lots of inspiration
Dr. Stone02-10-2095This is really good. However at times I felt that some characters did some things a bit too retardely. I don’t see it as bad writing, it just annoyed me.60I do look forward to the next season
Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest02-10-2095An isekai about a guy who is acutally weak as shit but with average modern day smarts in a fantasy world who has the shit kicked out of him and by desperate circumstances tortures himself and becomes powerful in doing so. I LOVE THIS.80Yes.
Death Note - Animated24-09-1894Absolutely great. I was enthralled right until the end. Which is where those last points were lost.35Not really. Once you know all the twists and secrets that allure is kind of gone.
Parasyte24-09-1894Great show, great unique concept, great logic. Not very inspiring or emotional. A high recommendation still. 30Nothing specially about it really, but once my memory fades I wont mind watching it a bit again.
Seven Samurai24-09-1894Very good, bit of inspiration, interesting concept and world, a couple of writing drops I would say though. Very fun to watch65Have already watched is several times, never hurts to see it again
Eureka 725-09-1894This should get a higher score, but some of the key points get dragged on a little bit and some of the characters "weaknesses" seem over done. But a good one regardless.66Oddly enough I have watched this several times and enjoyed it each time.
Vampire Hunter D bloodlust25-09-1894I love this movie a lot. But because I haven't seen the original 1985 one at the time of writing, I am left with a lot of unanswered questions. It actually makes me feel a little hollow.74I've watched it a few times and enjoyed each time.
No Game No Life S1 + Zero movie26-10-1894Very interesting concept, empowering despite being extremely light and full of humour. Has too many Japanese panty jokes though. Movie was pretty good and very relevant to the story. (unlike many other movies)40Meh. Maybe.
Gun X Sword20-12-1894Was pretty good. Felt a big like they were trying to cash in the trigun and cowboy bepop thing (understandable due to some shared creators). But still good.50Actually not that bad to rewatch after a while
Assassination Classroom02-07-1994Once you get over how stupid the main character looks, you get a pretty unique and enjoyable anime with a genuinely sad ending. I also mean unique quite strongly. 60Being unique leaves it open to watching again. Some interesting ideas to re visit. Not really engaging in the inspiration or emotional level though. (over all that is)
Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records02-07-1994This was pretty fun to watch and it wasn't really my style either. That's the great thing about well written work.60It ends too soon (obviously being only a standard size run) and leaves a few questions open. Will probably watch again happily if more comes out.
Nekomonogatari to Hanamonogatari13-07-1994Wow that was a long and incredibly interesting and mentally exhilarating ride. As per Kizumonogatari (the start of this series), I would say that at least half of this would go over my head had I watched it 10 years ago. Not for my kids. Extremely unique and engaging writing. Characters that are real. If they had lessoned some of the... NON KEY SCENES... (if you have seen this you would understand), this would be very close to a masterpiece. 17I'm not going through that again. Oh no. But at the same time, there is a little voice in my sub sub conscious. It whispers, "but you could."
Demon Lord, Retry!02-10-2093Not gonna lie production quality is poor. But story and delivery is still fantastic. There are some lines in this anime that make me blurt out laugh every time. It's an isekai where you feel like the guy is actually in the other world and doesn’t give a shit. I love it.74I love watching this.
Drifters02-10-2094This is one hell of an isekai. Wow. Over all the story isnt great, but wow on the ideas, the concepts and even the feels.72Yeah, ive watched it a few times
Ancient magus bride23-05-1893This was really good and a nice change amongst what is mostly coming out (and what I am watching). It has an interesting pace and is very enjoyable just to look at. And graphics and style do not often have an impact on my way of thinking.60Wouldnt hurt. But it wasnt engaging enough to make me want to go back and watch again.
Dragon Ball Z (American dub)24-09-1893People always go on about the screaming and such. But I still loved this show. Still feel the same about it today as I did 15 years ago when I first saw bits of it.50I will be rewatching it soon, but it will be during dinners and not as a binge. I haven't seen it in many years and my wife hasn’t seen it, so after this I might not watch it again for 10 years. The problem with very long shows.
Hellsing (original)24-09-1893Mighty fine show. Written well, missing a lot of inspiration and pull, but very entertaining.60I would probably get around to watching the Ultimate version, but I have watched this version a few times over the many years since it came out.
Psycho Pass 124-09-1893Excellent story and plot, but got predictable towards the end. Also, I remember some stupid stuff happening, but cant remember why I thought it was stupid.60Maybe get around to rewatching it once and then probably not again.
Nadesico25-09-1893Haha, what a great joy ride this anime is. I don’t know why I like it so much, but I do. 61I've watched this a lot. I still don't know why. And I never feel bad when I watched it again.
The vision of escaflowne25-09-1893The music in this is amazing. The over all anime though isn't as good. But still very good.29It's been a long time since I last saw this, but it probably wont be watched anytime soon.
Rahxephon + Movie27-09-1893Over all I liked it, but at the same time I felt there was some flaws in the writing. The movie supposedly corrected these flaws. But as most recap movies do, they just make things worse over all. The score I have given here does not actually include the movie. It was a waste of time and just confuses people. 65I've actually seen this a few times. There is something about it that I enjoy coming back to.
Jormungand S1+202-07-1993I quite liked this. I liked the concept and the ideals and the idea. Any show that kind wants to make you want to take part, even if life threatening, is well made. 65I will probably re watch the whole lot without complaint when the next lot comes out. If.
Zankyou no Terror13-07-1993It was pretty good. The story was engaging and interesting. Not inspiring, but a good experience.30Not really. It was good but the allure was the progression of the story and once you know it its not as appealing.
Death Parade + Death Billiards27-07-1993Very interesting. Not much more to say. Its a bit short and the story is a bit limited, but it was an enjoyable experience.70I'm giving it a high re watchability score, not because I want to watch it again, but because I believe this wont die as an experience. It is quite pleasant.
Made in Abyss: Dawn of the Deep Soul02-10-2093I expected it to be a more gritty continuation. Was not dissapointed. The suspense on waiting to see what happens next is very high. More so than I am used to. This is a good thing.30Once you see it you are glad you have seen it. But I do not think you want to see it again. Once you've seen it you will understand. And never look at breifcases the same again.
The Irregular at Magic High School02-10-2093What a great take on magic and technology. It was a refreshing change of theme and ideas.68I have watched this a few times now, but its getting stale.
Goblin Slayer02-10-2093When you know something that no one else knows and you devote your life to it regardless of how people feel: the anime.67Its ok to watch again. Nothing great.
KonoSuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World!24-09-1892A lot of shows coming out about being sucked into an alternate game style universe, this one is not serious at all. I found it quite entertaining, but sometimes the stupidity of the characters can be difficult to deal with. But at least they stay true to their characters50Will want to see the sequels, but not interesting in going back again.
Monster24-09-1892Very well written and perfectly put together. It was however slow, but I have a hard time holding it against this because I feel that if it went faster it would have put strain on how well it was put together. Regardless, this is where most the points were lost35Too long and I know the secrets and twists.
Plastic memories24-09-1892Very good, written extremely well, ended exactly as expected, but still very emotional.20yeeeah, probably not.
Steins Gate24-09-1892Great anime, well implemented concept, but a bit annoying in places.20Not really. Knowing what happens in the future and past ruins it.
Dragon Ball25-09-1892Haha, this was great, but for stupid reasons. Very long, as these sort of shows are, but I still liked it.24Too damn long and too kiddy to really want to go back and watch it.
My bride is a mermaid25-09-1892A bit boring in some places, but those scenes and concepts that are funny are some of the funniest things I have ever seen in any anime. At the time or writing this show has the funniest character in any anime that I have seen.31Some of those boring parts are really boring.
Vandread25-09-1892I actually really want to think this is a stupid anime and in many places it is stupid, but it has an epic build up that suits me very nicely.58I've watched this more times that I thought I actually would.
Deno Coil26-09-1892Good, done well, good concept and implemented well. Characters a bit annoying, but they are children after all.28I liked it a fair bit, but it doesn’t really warrant a rewatch.
Black Butler 1 and 2 + book of circus02-07-1992I wanted to give this a 90. But had to give it an extra bit solely for one OVA episode. The show is alright, kinda doesnt go anywhere, but that one OVA is the greatest episode of anything I have ever seen. You will understand when you see it.35Nah.
Blue Excorsist s1+202-07-1992Was pretty good. Nothing amazing, but well put together and enjoyable. 40Nah. Had some annoying moments and too many open questions.
Great Teacher Onizuka02-07-1992This had been on list of things to watch for a long time. It didn't disappoint. Not really good for anything fancy other than laughs.45A bit too long for a rewatch and wouldn't get much out of it, but wouldn't complain if watched again with wife or similar.
Darker than Black 1 + 2 + 302-10-2092This was very good, right up to the part where you realised none of the important questions were going to be answered.50Eh.
Spice and Wolf02-10-2092I am giving this a high rating. Because it was good. It will never finish in anime form, which annoys me, but its concepts and story are great. However…0I will never watch it again because its theme and concepts infuriate me. I am torn between wanting to recommend this to my wife and pretending it never existed. It gets a zero rewatch score to help encourage me to never watch it again.
Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress: The Battle of Unato02-10-2092More but slightly less of the same. A movie sequal never really leaves me with a good feeling though.20not as good as the first
.hack//sign24-09-1891Really good and enjoyable, however the main character while designed to be insufferable, is really insufferable. Also, a lot is left unexplained. Refer to other review55I have actually watched this multiple times, but I think there are more interesting things to watch these days that are more engaging and stimulating.
Code Geass - Akito the Exiled24-09-1891I liked it, found it lacking some of the writing of the main story, also the 3d models felt a bit cheap. Also, Akito was a little wimp.45I have watched it twice, but not as interesting as the main story.
From the New World24-09-1891This should be a 98 or a 99, but it hit a number of moral points that make sense on scientific level, but then the show glorified it and it took a lot of it away for me.0A must watch for adults, but I will never watch it again. I almost did not add it to this list.
Howl's moving castle24-09-1891I like it. But being a movie, no real engagement or feel can be inserted in time. 40It wasn’t too bad, wife liked it so would probably suggest it during a quiet period for a quick bit of entertainment.
Samurai X - reflections24-09-1891I had hoped for another Trust and Betrayal, just got another of the main story. It was good and gave closure, but for some reason it felt hollow.50Eh.
The Devil is A part Timer24-09-1891A good amount of laughs. Good show.78Yeah, eventually. Definitely will want to watch more if they release more.
Dragon Ball GT25-09-1891A good continuation of Z. A good ending to the greatest passive character ever.35Only if anyone ends up rewatching Z. Maybe the kids.
Planetes25-09-1891Its very good, also a good example of why space is shit. I would say it is recommended watching for sure.45I seen in a couple of times, probably enough, but I wouldn’t feel bad if I saw it again
My Hero Academia s1-323-10-1891I enjoyed it a fair bit, has good progression. The inspiration feels hollow though.30Will watch more as I come across it, but not much point rewatching in my opinion.
Haven't You Heard I'm Sakamoto02-07-1991I liked it, short, quick, get a nice set of chuckles. 70These sort of short quick to the point shows have a lot of rewatch value.
Vampire Knight + Guilty15-07-1991I watched this at the request of a friend. She warned me it might be gay. It was a little gay. But the kind of gay you apply to the teen girl market. But you know what? If you put aside the fact that its gay (and I don't mean literally, like some of the rubbish that has been coming out), it has an amazingly written story. If you can even put aside how stupid some of these characters appear to be, there's a little emotion and inspiration in there too. 26Unlikely.
Gosick27-07-1991Every now and then I decide to watch something random and stupid (at least to me). I usually end up enjoying myself. Thanks Japan. Went in expecting to bail after the first episode, stayed for the story.30Probably not. It's good, but only slightly memorable.
Violet Evergarden02-10-2091I want to give this maybe 80. Its really not my thing. But it’s an extrememly well written and presented show. I recommend it to a lot of people.20No.
Seraph of the End 1 + 202-10-2091I really liked it. But what REALLY annoys me is how it left so many questions open and there is no sign of it contueing. Usually I can tollerate this, but this time it really annoyed me.40maybe
Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic S102-10-2091When I started this I thought it was just going to be some retarded aladdin rip off because of the cliché names used but man I was wrong. And boy did it get good fast. The inspiration and feelings are there, but they are not strong. What is strong is the desire to know what comes next.50I don’t think I would want to watch it again really, but it wouldn’t hurt. What I do want is to watch the next season and I will. Actually, I literally about to at the time of writing this.
D gray man + Hallow02-10-2091This is one of those shows that hooks you in and you keep wanting to know more. It's a bit low effort sometimes, but it was good. This score does not include Hallow. Hallow continued the story in a SATISFACTORY level, it was 10 years after the first season and then I learned none of the mysteries will ever be solved. Technically it was a disappoitment, but it continued the story and it didnt matter.13it is very long and drawn outsometimes.
Princess Mononoke24-09-1890Good movie. I generally do not find movies engaging enough.39Meh.
Samurai X - main story24-09-1890Was good, but had some annoying moments and moments of disbelief. 50Meh
Sengoku Basara24-09-1890Was damn fun to watch. Has some great memorable moments. A little haze in the writing though.50Could do it.
Chobits25-09-1890Covers its topics well and hits a bit of emotion too. Good show.40I have actually watched this a few times, I might again if something comes up that warrants it. Its not that its not bad, its not want I currently desire.
Gakkou Gurashi!02-07-1990Look, it's good. But annoying. I understanding these are supposed to be younger japanese girls, but they did some really dumb stuff that annoyed me. 50Eh.
Rozen Maiden (first set)27-07-1990I went in with the idea of watching this as a joke. Walked away having enjoyed the experience. Weird. Seriously, weird to have enjoyed this. But I did. Don't know why.33Unlikely, but it has been a while and I COULD see myself watching it again.
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (2014): Stardust Crusaders s102-10-2090its getting better and its still interesting at times, and it’s a good watch. That’s it.10Not really. A once off thing for sure.
The Saga of Tanya the Evil + Movie02-10-2090For an isekai this one has some interesting ideas and I liked it. At the same time it had some annoying points. I do recommend it though.30Nothing really worth watching again for.
Akira02-10-2090I cant believe I forgot to put this in here. An all time classic that still stands up against todays greats. Being a movie though that ride is short lived.40Ive seen in a bunch of times, but Im not into rewatching movies much
Ghost in the Shell - original movie24-09-1889Is good, is interesting. As for all movies, its over by the time you feel like you could or would engage46I've seen it a few times, it is a good quick movie.
One piece 1-50~24-09-1889I read a lot of the manga before I started watching this but it has no influence on my opinion of this. At the time we didn’t have access to the rest of the episodes so we stopped watching. It is good, typical of this style though. No very inspiring and cheesy at times.70I keep telling myself I need to finish this, but never get around to it. It is very long and that might be why I haven't. Stories have to end.
Robotech25-09-1889This is a bit of a classic from my childhood. Its ok, has some awesome ideas and concepts, but falls short in a number of places. Such as the actual characters.28I want to watch the second one, I started it many years ago and never finished it. I would probably rewatch the whole thing from scratch if I ever did.
Mirai Nikki + Redial23-07-1989Why am I watching this? What is going on? Why can't I stop watching this? This is stupid. This is great. - These are the thoughts that went through my mind continuously while watching this. +2 points for convincing me of the value of a psycho stalker girlfriend. -5 points for convincing me of the value of a psycho stalker girlfriend. Most infuriating protagonist ever. This show was an experience I would recommend to most... some... certain people. Must finish with redial.2No. No. Nope. Not watching this again. Maybe if my wife watches it I will cheat on her with a psycho stalker in the hopes she will kill me as some sort of twisted suicide (Either my wife or the stalker).
Shiki27-07-1989I'm not really into these ones but my wife likes them so I end up watching a few. It was pretty good though, confusing but highly interesting plot mechanism. Haven't seen anything like it and it makes it very memorable. 20Nah, as said, not really into it. I like emotion and inspiration and this has minimal amounts.
 Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba02-10-2089This was good. I liked it. But its not my sort of thing.20nah
Dororo (2019)02-10-2089This was good. Lots of nice points and such. An annoying character… Nothing fancy.32not really.
Kenja no Mago02-10-2089Isekai goodness. But really. Is it? It kinda isn't an isekai. It starts like that, but then it has no impact on anything other than the source of power. The guy doesn’t even know anything about his past. Anyway, watch it.70have watched it a few times
Made in Abyss 1-1224-09-1888Good characters, good story, unique concepts. A bit too soft in writing sometimes, but over all very good.20I really look forward to watching the rest of this, but nothing about it really makes me want to go back and watch it again and I don't see myself wanting to refresh in 5 years time.
Spirited Away24-09-1888A good watch. Typical of movie length things though, not very engaging to me.25I've seen it a few times via circumstance and if I was to watch it again I wouldn’t be overly unhappy, but I wont go out of my way.
Haibane Renmei25-09-1888I actually really enjoyed this, but so many questions were left unanswered I was left unfulfilled. Even though I am quite certain the point was to leave people wondering, I think they too it too far.20Meh.
Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? S 1+202-10-2088It was good. Not great. Has its moments. I want to watch the 3rd season.60ive actually watched this twice and I don’t know why. I can see myself watching it again and I don’t know why. I also do not know why despite this, Im only giving it a 60 on the watch score.
Trinity Blood17-12-1887Many times I thought the writing was ham fisted and cliched. But I still liked it. Wish it touched on some more of the lore a bit and the ending was terrible. However, cant be too disappointed after learning the author died before he could finish it. Oh well. Good music too.30Eh.
Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody02-10-2087If you do not like isekai's with retarded logic then take 30 points off this score. But this is my review and my site and like overpowered characters saving people.40I give this a lower rewatch score here, but I have seen it more than twice. I think Im lying to myself. I think isekais like this change a person in strange ways.
Another24-09-1886It was good, well done, but wasn't really my kind of thing. My wife loved it though, she likes the horror stuff. 10I already know the secrets. No real point.
Guilty Crown24-09-1886I really wanted to like this one more than I did. It had a lot of good things going for it, but there was some very jolted writing. It nearly hooked me emotionally a couple of times, but failed. 30Might watch it with the wife, will probably be it.
Noragami + Arogato + OVA24-09-1886Interesting idea, bit lacklustre in anything really. 20I will watch the next seasons as they come because they left too many unanswered questions, but I feel like this is how they will end every season.
Samurai Champloo24-09-1886This is a good show. Actually really good. But one of the characters and the writing around them really brought it down for me. Oh well.40Meeeeh… it has been a while since I saw it.
Cowbow Bepop + movie24-09-1885It was good, but something just didn’t hook me well enough.30It has been a long time since I last saw it and it would be good to see it again, but my watching time is limited and I've already seen it and it just doesn’t have the pull.
Towards the Terra (2007)31-12-2085This was pretty good, some really good writing and concepts with a teeny bit of emotion to support it. But everything is predictable. 20Not really.
Elfen Lied24-09-1885I don't know why people go on about this one. It is good and has moments that apply to me, but for the most part it wasn't that interesting. However I didn't really hate it. 15While I don't regret watching it and at the time of writing this I've actually forgotten most of what happens, I think there would be better things to watch.
JoJos bizarre adventure (2012) S1+224-09-1885Interesting and cliched, enjoyed, but got little out of it. Emotion and inspiration is minimal, but some is there.15I will continue to watch the next seasons and so on as I come across them, but I have almost no desire to go back and watch this again.
Pokemon - first several seasons24-09-1885Since I was a child of the pokemon games, this will always be of interest to me. Its pretty cheesy, but its good to put up and watch while your doing something else.39Honestly, I've watched a fair bit and rewatched a bit too, but its just a thing that happens really.
The Disastrous Life of Saiki K02-10-2085This was good. I liked the origininality of it. I didn’t really like the pacing too much and there wasn’t much hook. But I enjoyed it and do not regret watching it.15Meh
Isekai Quartet02-10-2085I wanted to hate this. I really did. I wanted it to be bad so I can forget it and move on. But it wasn’t. Make sure you have seen Overlord, Re:zero, Tanya the evil and Konosuba before you watch this.35Look. I think I wont, but I cant say no to the possibility
Gurran Lagenn24-09-1884This one is tricky. I think I started watching it out of boredom and thought it was really garbage. But for what I believe was just laziness, I keep watching it. Turned out to be an epic inspiring anime at the very end. Worth the pain of the first part.20I'm not going through that first part again. But I might with enough encouragement.
Seven Deadly Sins (Most of it)24-09-1884Completed the first main part, but the part that came after it (after they save the city) didn’t finish. At the time there were no episode available and both me and my wife were getting bored of it. It has some really interesting concepts. But they seem copy and paste and was no longer really engaging at the end. May come back to finish it since I started it, it was still entertaining.15Dunno. So lacklustre in the second part. Haven't finished it, but even once I do, will probably not come back.
Satsuriku no Tenshi (Angels of death)05-11-1884I wanted to watch this because oo the siginifcant differences in reviews. Some were praising it greatly others were writing it off as garbage. It was interesting and honestly, I don’t know what I thought of it. I feel like it has had an impact, but at the same time I feel like I wasted my time. I watched the entire thing in one day as I was tired and sick and I am typing this the next day. I feel something. Not sure what it is.25Hrrm. Nah. But meh.
Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions02-10-2084There is nothing really wrong with this show. It just didn’t suit me.14nah
Digimon - the first set of seasons24-09-1883Was actually interesting, if not cheesy, like pokemon. But not something I would actively watch. However, I never actually got to the end of the first main story, so I have it on my list to watch at home at some time. But I keep watching other things40Eh.
akame ga kill02-10-2083Almost every episode presented a hook for me, then they pretty much got rid of it. In the last 4-5 episodes the hooks finally stayed and then it ended. I told someone that this was a shit show half way through, but in some ways now I sort of take that back. Would never watch it again, but I felt a little. Despite most of the characters annoying the hell out of me, their blantant retardation, I ended up enjoying it somewhat.35Not really.
High School of the Dead02-10-2083Eeeeehhhhh mmmmm.. I watched this with my wife and we do not know why we liked it. There was nothing special about it.25mmmmmmmrrrr
Kaichou wa Maid-sama! (eng dub)31-12-2082Dunno why I liked it. It was good. Not great.9maybe in japanese, but never again in english.
Cashern Sins24-09-1881I didn’t watch the original, but when I started watching this it hooked me. Aaaand then it lost me. Has good moments and a good theme, but its kind of slow and just sort of… deus ex mechina.15Maybe if I ever watch the original.
Fist of the North Star (original, first 70 or so episodes)25-09-1880I really wanted to like this one a lot more. It's actually not that bad, but it had no hooks. No real emotion or inspiration. Perhaps it did when it was first drawn, but when I watched it I felt it lacking. I still want to finish it, but I doubt I ever will.10even if I finish it, I probably would not watch it again. Its too slow.
Kill La Kill18-10-1879If deus ex machina was an anime. Has some humour and interesting moments.0No.
Soul Eater NOT!02-10-2079What was this. It was ok. Was not really soul eater though.20meh.
Code:Realize31-12-2079Cardia is absolutely adorable. The rest of the show is ok.15not really much to the story to draw you in.
.hack//sign (Most the others after the original )24-09-1878Didn’t answer the questions I had in the original show. Progressively got worse.10I doubt it.
Outbreak Company02-10-2078I love isekais, but this ones main plot device make me feel like bad. It was bad. Watch it anyway. 19No
A Certain Magical Index s1 + first 2 episodes of s231-12-2075The first season was ok. No actual story though, but enjoyable. Then moved onto second season and already over used plot devices were pushed past the enjoyable line and I no longer had any interest. Fantastic music in all 3 seasons though.22nah
Yu-Gi-Oh (first season or two)05-12-1874Eh. Seto Kaiba was the real star of this show. And he should have just taken a gun and shot every one. Would score 100 if this was the case.11I finished the first and I THINK the second season, might go back to complete the watch, but I doubt it.
Witchhunter robin31-12-2073It's ok.20Eh
Deadman Wonderland02-10-2072This was supposed to be good. I was disappointed a lot during it. I wanted it to be good. I wanted to like it. But I felt like it was written by a potato.16I MIGHT watch it again with my wife, I almost don’t want to recommend it, but maybe.
Orphen - Revenge25-09-1871A poor continuation of the original. But it had some interesting moments.0No.
 In Another World With My Smartphone02-10-2068.5This is bad. But you know what? I watched it. I don’t regret it. You know why? Im an isekai slut. And if you are too, then I recommend it. And you know what? I wont hold it against you. In fact, I will rejoice. But don't tell anyone else.24I made a joke to my wife that we should watch it. … but it was only a half joke.
Beyond the Boundary03-01-2165How can something with so much action be so boring. 14I dont even want to watch the second season
Fate / Zero 1+205-12-1863I don't know why this one got such high scores. It just felt so badly written, was so un engaging and not a single thing explained. Sure, there are more continuations of this, but it was so poor I had zero inclination to watch more. However, at the same time it did have some insightful things that I found interesting. Without this I would have given it a very low score.8No
Tokyo Ghoul + root a + RE +OVA30-10-1861Poorly written, characters are meanginless, a thousand questions left unanswered. We (I and my wife) nearly stopped watching halfway through the first season, in the end we stuck with it because we were already invested. In the end nothing was really gained. Emotion is fake, inspriation zero. But at the same time, you just want to know what happens next. Sugest dont watch at all to avoid this sensation. 10If more comes out in the future. Someone has to answer all those questions never answered. But I will never go back to this again.
Durarara (Most of it)24-09-1855Has some fantastic moments and characters, but got so seriously boring and drawn out that both me and my wife just gave up on it and stopped watching. Despite all the good moments, the fact that I couldn’t finish it means it was shit.6It had its chance, it blew it.
Higurashi: When They Cry (Several seasons)24-09-1851Putting the confusing way this show was put together aside (because it works in the end), it is incredibly slow. Also putting aside how quickly every one goes crazy (because it works in the end), I think the actual plot line is a deus ex machina for a reason for gore. Its interesting, but we didn't actually finish it, because its also slow. Boringly slow.5Watched a lot of it, but there was too much and it was too boring and never finished it. It had its chance.
How Not to Summon a Demon Lord02-10-2047Ugh. UGH. UUUUGGGGH. Why is this so high on the popularity list on my anime list. Oh wait. I know. Because its almost hentai. You disusting animals. I kept watching it for my isekai fix. Im an addict after all. But this has some filth mixed in.0You gotta be joking.
Date a live (first 2 episodes)31-12-2025I have nothing wrong with this somewhat questionable concept, but the writing is so bad I couldn't stand it after 2 episodes.5no
High School DxD (1st episode only)18-10-190If I wanted to watch a soft core shitty hentai, I wouldn't have picked the 61st most popular anime from myanimelist0Its whorific.
Yuri!!! On ICE02-10-200Just kidding, I havent seen a single episode. But I have seen enough clips to know that I would never watch this perverted degenerate garbage. If this offends you, get off my site you sack of shit.0LOL
FLCL24-09-18Watched, but can not remember a thing about it. Other than it was nuts
Gintama (First)24-09-18Watched the first several episode or so and just straight out was not interested.
My Neighbour Totoro24-09-18I watched it, but I don’t remember much about it. It was average
Paranoia agent24-09-18I liked it and wanted to like it more, but I sort of felt like enough wasn’t answered in the end. I actually can't really remember enough about this, so I'm not rating it right now.
Serial experiments lain24-09-18This had same amazing concepts that I thoroughly liked, but I watched it so long ago I cant remember most of it, so I'm not rating it yet.
Azumanga Daioh25-09-18I watched the first 3 or 4 episodes and lost interest. Wife watched the whole lot and did not push me to watch it, so obviously it was a good choice.
Beyblades S125-09-18I watched the entire first seasons. I don’t know why. It was a long time ago. I don’t think I regret it, but I cant score it. I also do not think I ever want to rewatch it again.
Blue submarine no 625-09-18I can't even remember what it was about. But I think I found it alright.
Card Captor Sakura25-09-18Actually surprisingly good for its target audience. I never finished it but I do want to at some stage. Wont score it until then.
Outlaw star25-09-18I watched it a long time ago, but cant remember. Some of the music was really good and I still listen to it today. No score until I rewatch.
Pandora Hearts25-09-18I actually never finished this, however I did intend to. I only was just reminded of this while going through anime lists to try and figure out what I had watched in the past. Will score when I get around to rewatching and finishing.
Tenchi Muyou (original)25-09-18Watched it long time ago. I don’t want to score it until I rewatch it.
Black Cat26-09-18Yeah, I did watch this, maybe 10 years ago. Stuffed I can remember what happened in it. I think I left feeling a little disappointed.
Night Head Genesis26-09-18I scored this anime, then removed it as I feel I would need to watch it again to rate it properly. It was years ago.
Red Garden07-12-18I watched this a while ago for reasons I can't explain. It turned out to be incredibly interesting and enjoyable. I wont rate it because I don't remember the details, but it was a something new and interesting.
Sket dance27-06-19Watched 3 or 4 episodes. Was not interested.
InuYasha (main episodes)02-07-19IN PROGRESS - but Imnot going to lie. Im about 70 episodes in and im getting really bored. I probably wont end up finishing it. It started really well, but is looking like an 82 or so at the moment.
Natsume Yuujinchou San02-07-19IN PROGRESS - But it's not looking good. Its too slow for me, too repetitive, boring. I think I watched up past the second season. Score probably looking at high 70s.
Perfect Blue02-10-20I watched this a long time ago. I don’t remember much about it. The parts I do remember though… both wow and ugh at the same time. I will watch this again to rate as it has to be rated.
Castle in the Sky02-10-20I loved this movie. I don’t remember much about it. I know you must watch it and I have to watch it again too so I can rate it properly
Castle in the Sky02-10-20I loved this movie. I don’t remember much about it. I know you must watch it and I have to watch it again too so I can rate it properly
Akatsuki no Yona
Mob Psycho 100
Black Lagoon