It is an important part of my being where I am able to control my life and the way I am forced to interact with the world. This page is for things that do not deserve the little positivity or even neutrality I can give. Hate the things on this page as I do and you will be a better person. These are in alphabetical order.

Just Car Insurance

I first looked at these guys about 7 years ago. On their website they had a number of public opinion polls. The topic of these polls fit perfectly well into the immoral next generation society we live. I want car insurance, I don’t want to know how often other people who use your site have sex. In fact, their advertisements are pretty much targeted at the young retards of today. Of course, these would offend any decent person.
Refused to print my wedding posters because they didn’t like them and then ended the conversion after being told I will take my money elsewhere with “All the best”. What an offensive piece of shit way to do business. Instead, you should all use They were very nice.


In the last 8 years they have consistently proven their business ethic and regard for their customers as poor. The complaints, the devious practices. I used to have no problem with Sony, but 8 years ago I started to keep an eye out after it was found that Sony were using secret root kits in their software. Since then it’s just been continuous bullshit. I go out of my way to not buy their products. Also their car speakers suck.

Transport Accident Commission – Victoria – TAC

You can expect any government organisation to be a piece of shit, but these guys shits take shits. They run like a loose cannon business when all they are supposed to do is manage accidents and insurance covers. Which EVERYONE pays as part of their registration. But this is what really got me. There was a gigantic billboard over a bridge on the West Gate freeway that said “Distractions lead to disaster”. Stupid idiots.