Game files

There have been a fair amount of times I have used existing games to make campaigns and maps. As most of my personal projects, a lot of these don’t get finished, but some actually do. Not many. I have a lot of these projects here in case someone wants to use them and for my reference.

Starcraft Defendathon.
This is a starcraft 1 map where multiple players try to protect certain points from swarms of zerg. Has been played and tested a lot back in the day. Is complete, may have a couple of text bugs, but otherwise complete.

Anman’s Warcraft 3 Tower Defence.
I started to make one and got pretty far. Just got onto other projects instead. Very customisable with a lot of different kinds of turrets.
V 0.23

Anman’s Warcraft 3 RPG Thang.
A map and story where up to 4 players choose a class and wander the map trying to stop the town from being attacked by assaulting enemy bases. I really enjoyed making this and for the most part works fine and has 1 boss. After that one boss though you are pretty much going to find empty space. A lot of detail has been put into the classes.
V 0.2

Anman’s Warcraft 3 Resistance Stronghold
Similar character system to the RPG thang, but players group together to physically defend the town. A player is able to take control of builder units to give players upgrades and build towers while the other players collect resources from enemies and hunt down enemies before they get to the town. The map is not complete but there is one boss.
V 0.09