I have played around with a lot of ideas for comics. Some of these were because I was bored, others were because I wanted to express myself. These are in order of importance to me. Do not expect any updates for these comics.

Glory To Chair 
A comic of mine and Liz’s every day life. Stopped making these because our life got too hectic.

Anman Hates the World
An old thought outlet and practice space for basic drawing. I did a fair few of these. Mostly crap.

The Wide World of Microsoft Assistants
Started this many years ago at work one day when bored. I miss the days when assistants use to be cool. Like, when I used to use windows 3.1 (This is a serious statement).

Bogan’s Adventures
These were made in highschool. Awesome hand drawn Gif animations of the adventures of our friend, Bogan. One was done by Adam W, another by Luke E.

The Inferiority of War
I once always wanted to make a comic using my plastic army men. This was my first and probably only attempt at this.  I don’t remember when exactly this was. A very long time ago when all I had was a really cheap ass webcam to take the photos.