Birth of a new site

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So here I go.

After at least 2 years of wanting to upgrade the site, I finally do it. But note, I do more than just upgrade the site. My previous emotions, ideas and statements can still be found on my old site. You can find this under the Archived area.  This old site is essentially an old version of me. I have changed so very much since then. So I am using this to upgrade my self a little.

Who am I kidding, I am still the blunt world despising drop of hat arsehole I always was.  Except this is arsehole version 2. Greater, more streamlined and now with less emotional baggage of being a 19 year old. Which is when I started the old site.

Here I go…

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Comment from Reiza
Time March 7, 2014 at 9:16 am

Now for a new audience

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