Reinforced conviction

By AnmanIndustries - Last updated: Friday, December 11, 2020 - Save & Share - Leave a Comment

My recent experience still disrupts my mind. I still have not been able to reengage my creativity and I find myself seeking out conflict in order to test my plans against my self. It seems I have more time and pleasure arguing with people on the the very thing I am trying to destroy, compared to people who are just of no value in general. It is in this almost delirious campaign that I have realised that I have culled too much and we are at an intersection I predicted some time ago. My standards are getting more precise and I am losing resources. I have however found renewed energy in reinforcing the resources I do have and hopefully myself too. I have to in order to achieve my goals. But I also need my creativity to return. I need to finish the house doctrine I crave.

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