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Hmm. Sometimes it is hard to understand the timing of events. But, I’m going to make a guess here. I was given a break from my usual duties a little while ago, previous post refers to this and suddenly the baby situation changed. Interesting and educational times. Baby has come 6 weeks early under extremely stressful circumstances, however everything is perfectly fine. Aside from completely destroying all plans and in progress baby preparations.

I say stressful, but it really wasn’t at least not for me. My wife however another story. But shes fine. Several days in hospital, still there, today was my first day home to try and expedite baby preparation. I wonder though, had I not been half as busy as I was before, would I have not been so calm and ready for such a thing?

Probably. Maybe not? Who knows. You can’t live a sequence of your life more than once. Mmm. I’d say I could, but it was more pleasant to do it thoroughly relax and rested. ANYWAY, glad I was resting.

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