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So I hurt myself badly almost 2 weeks ago. Not like, broken bone bad, but man it has been a very uncomfortable two weeks.

Quick story: Was running, went for a sprint, dog was on lead and thought it would be cool to come close and because I take large strides I stood on the leash and hit the ground at full speed. Which was quite fast. Luckily I was able to roll and negate the serious damage, but I tore my knee up the worst I have ever and did my arm and hands.

Struggling to get through the basics of life, such as walking, getting into and out of a car and using stairs made me realise something. Ever since I left home I had practically reduced the amount of major physical injury to zero, until now. I hurt myself so much when I was living with my mother (not on purpose, just by accident) and in 10 years since I left home I’ve seriously hurt myself 1.5 times. I kinda hurt myself once badly but it didn’t impact on my life very much. Just hurt a lot.

This interested me a lot and I thought a little about it. I think it might have something to do with the fact that I am fully in control of my own life. By being able to do the things I want, set up my house the way I want and not be forced to do the things my mother wanted, I was able to avoid the things that I did not like. Which was pain. And I had a lot of it as a kid.

Moral of the story? Uh. I guess… parents who are not very smart make unsmart choices. Get out of there as fast as possible? Maybe? Middle aged single mothers are terrible? women born from 1950-1960 are terrible? All of the above?

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