Worms, fish and ducks.

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For some time now I have been interested in sustainable small time farming. Being the money and business driven person I am I have always enjoyed producing usable things out of nothing. It is essentially the basic function of farming. So I could go through all the things I went through to get to where I am after all these months, but I figure I will just tell you what the end result will be.

At this point in time, I am nearly finished designing my vermaculture setup. This is like hydroponics, but I dont add nutrients to the water. The water flows through a worm farm and all I do is put our food scraps into the worm farm. Then poof, lettuce. The ultimate goal for this is to run it entirely off solar without batteries. 

The next step is ducks. These guys actually, cayuga ducks.

The final step is fish in an aquaponics system. Like the vermaculute, but instead of worms fish. These fish actually, eel tailed cartfish:

I will try to set the aquaponics system to run entirely off solar, but I do not think this will be possible. The amount of airation needed is emence. I will try though, but it will be hard as I will have some very large tanks for these guys in order to try and breed them.

The ultimate final goal, is to use the worms to make food for the fish, use the fish to make food for the ducks and to use the duck crap to feed the worms. If I can do all of this on wind power and solar without batteries, I will feel glorious.

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