Paradigm shift

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Having recently started to delve into the legal universe and less recently capitalism and social meta on a country scale, I have started to find in my self startling realisations.

I have always tried to stick to the law and do justice as per the law. Now, this will sound funny and you will probably go “duh”, but Im coming to understand that the law is faulty. ┬áThere is no justice in law. I have seen it in my research and now, I am starting to see it first hand. I’m not saying I am in trouble with the law and I am just whining, no, this is not the case. I am seeing the proof and patterns of favourtism in a supposedly just system. As mentioned, people will go duh, but what I really can see is much deeper than what you are probably thinking. People might say, taxes are stupid, I shouldn’t have to pay taxes, this law is stupid. I’m not talking directly about this, but my view on taxes does relate.

The bible says to be submissive to the law. It also says to obey god over men. My new knowledge has started to make me change how I perceive the barrier of the law and men. I am starting to understand that the law is for the men who make it and how does that work for me in relation to obeying the law? This could sound like the brewing of illegal activity, but really, what is on my mind, in 10 years it will probably be legal. (Note, there is minimal illegal activity on my mind).

I saw a post on facebook from one of the police pages stating that someone had stolen a speed camera and ran off with it and that they should return, if they get caught they can be fined X and spend X years in jail. I skimmed quickly through the comments and found that at least 90% of them were against the police and for the guy who stole the equipment. I have seen these sort of posts before and I have noticed the same pattern in comments.

The laws of man change so fast and so subtly, that most people do not even know them.

Large corporations get away with so much.

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