Burnt out

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Since November last year I have been going on a journey of personal reinvention regarding my goals, abilities, the world around me in the micro and the meta and the destination of my future. A lot of education and a lot of study has been involved and now I have a lot of plans and a lot of ambition and drive.

I have been piling all of this up continuously and have only been able to act on it at about 10% of the rate that I am absorbing it and now I am burnt out. This has come due to a lack of funds, a lack of energy, lack of any master minds to share my ideals and goals with and all compounded by the freezing cold weather of where I live. Which wouldn’t be an issue, except the lack of funds part also makes heating a luxury we are not investing in.

I noticed I was burnt out when I started reading books for the pen and paper game Paranoia and became instantly hooked again. I sat back and investigated myself as to why I was so absorbed in this and neglecting other texts. I guess after over half a year of nothing else it is good to have a rest. 

And so I will rest.

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