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I am learning the shit out of these free courses on open2study. I am almost addicted to them. 

I have NEVER, in my entire life, enjoyed learning since I started studying again in the last year.

Here is what I found about this learning that made me want to be so involved and enjoy it.

1. I am not being forced to do anything I dont want to. Unfortunately, this may become true if I do anything after a diploma level, but I hope its kept minimal. Forced elective subjects away from your chosen field, is what ruins the desire to study. I am paying to learn X, not Y.

2. I am not learning about the things that make up my hobby. Working in a technical environment with computers, made me hate computers. I am much happier now that I work in something completely different and not even remotely related to my normal life outside of work.

3. Prospect of more money. Currently between me and liz we make ok money. However with all the loans we have due to the house and buying it at the same time as our wedding, we spend less than ever. The drive to get more money actually exists now. You would think people would constantly want more money, but I did not really feel it untill I was in the process of actually getting there.

High school is none of these things.

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