Global warming, would happen even without us.

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Ok, I am going to pretend to be a whiny little teen here and go ahead and state my words in an uncontrolled and completely unthought through way.  Because really, what actual real scientist really cares what the internet has to say?


To every one bitching about climate change and shit like that. Go and look up ancient underwater civiliations and the temperature cycle of the earth. Thousands of years ago, our ancestors werent going around going, CLIMATE CHANGE CLIMATE CHANGE END OF THE WORLD IM A FUCKING RETARD STOP BURNING WOOD TOO MUCH CO2 STOP DRIVING YOUR CARS TOO MUCH INDUSTRY FFFFFMMMMMHMMPPHPpptptptptp. And their cities still ended up under water and they still had massive natural disasters, that wiped out ENTIRE civilisations and what we get today did not compare to theirs. 

Go back to the dinosaurs. It was warm and temperate OH WAIT NO! DINOSAURS CAUSED GLOBAL WARMING AND T.. wait.. ice age? Ok, then it was warm again, then another ice age? Seriously.. THIS IS BASIC GEOGRAPHY IN HIGH SCHOOL! This is when I learned this shit. When I was in year 7.

If you really hate climate change then get off your computer, out of your car, dont use anything produced by an industry (ie, not hand made from a tree) and just enjoy living in a cave, eating your cold uncooked food. EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU POST OR VOICE YOUR OPINION ON THE INTERNET ABOUT CARBON EMISSIONS BEING BAD, YOU ARE BEING A HYPOCRITE.

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