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Does democracy work? Depends.

Democracy is just an advanced communism. Every one gets an adjusted share according to how much effort they put in and they get to choose their leader. Who, does whatever hey want. Now, people might think I am riding the wave of hate against the current government, but this is not true. I have always thought this and have always voted for the lesser of the two evils. I voted for the current government, because the last one was a joke. Now, it turns out this one is just a bigger joke. BUT, this joke, is an inside joke that we dont get.

The head of the government, is powerless. They have no say in what is or has to be done and while they campaign to be elected, their small campaign party does not know what is already in place by the current government. Which, is failure. So, while they make promises to get elected, which they DO believe is possible, they realise once they take the seat that it’s actually impossible.

Of course, they don’t realise this immediately and they interpret is as such: Australia is messed, so every one in Australia must know that in order to fix it this must be done. Of  course, what defines Australia as “messed” is defined by the individual. Which in most cases, is wrong, because every one is different so there is no right answer. So, every government gets slammed for every decision they make. Lies, broken promises or not, we are forced to do what they want regardless. And in the end, we either get less tax or more centrelink payments.

I think I can see Americas asshole from here. I think we are getting closer.

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