A glimpse of sack tap

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Yesterday I was at Tezzas and I went behind the counter to get me a drink. Now, I am like, twice the height of Terry and I crouched down behind the desk to go to the bottom of the fridge to pick a can. Got and stood up. As I stood up it appears I had tucked my back under the desk and the corner of the desk caught my back on the way up and teared the skin and first layer of meat (ie, not quite a cash, not quite a cut) from the meaty part of the right side of my back. The part between your ribs, your hip and far away from the spine.

The pain that I had for the next 10 seconds was immense. I felt like throwing up and Just wanted to curl up into a ball. Of course, stilling being behind the counter, my only option was to stand there in shock and keep telling myself how much pain I am in.

This pain and feeling is sort of close to being tapped in the nuts. If a woman wants a tiny tiny glimpse of what a man feels when he is hit full power in the nuts, this is how you do it. The difference between this pain and being hit in the nuts is that my legs would have buckled, I would have gone face first into the desk in order to drop to the ground (which was not there, due to no room), thrown up all over the paint stock and shrunk to half my size for 5 minutes while the intense pain makes me want to pass out. Maybe throw up again. And a concussion from hitting my head.

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