Last two weeks

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So here is a summary of my last two weeks.

Took time off work to finalise the wedding. Had the wedding. Got married, at this wedding. Many things did not go as planned at this wedding, but I did not really plan most of these things anything as I did not treat it as a wedding, but as a party. This over all, made the entire experience of organising a wedding myself, a lot easier and cheaper. Talk to me first, if you are doing a wedding and are afraid it will suck. 

The day after this, me and Liz were destroyed. We played minecraft for most of the day.

The next day we went shopping for our trip to Fiji for our honey moon. 

I am going to go out and say this straight out, my experience in Fiji was poor. I do not like it. I went to a local traditional resort on the coral coast and overall very dissapointed. The water… The water!!! So bad… Soo soo bad. Could not wash me hair. Could not drink it. The resort we were at was not good. The kettle… the kettle…. There was more calcium deposits in this thing than my teeth. I could not clean it. The noise… the noise that is made through the entire night. The windows they use are horrible. Our bed was horrible. The cost for ANYTHING was horrible. We didn’t end up leaving the resort because it cost way too much to go 17km down the road to the nearest actual village. Food was so expensive at the resort. At the end, they then decided to advise us that all their prices did not include their 20% tax. I was sick. Probably because of the water, which I did try so hard to avoid drinking. Which probably didn’t help the dehydration. Because our kettle was a piece of shit, I was forced to drink the water from the breakfast buffet. Which we spent a lot of time at because we would skip lunch to save money. But when your breakfast ends up running through you 6 times a day, you tend to lose a lot of that water. However, we did play a little bit of x wing and I found the Firefly RPG and we played a solo game of that as me as the GM and liz as the character. Was quite fun until she forced me into a corner where I had to create a detailed plot. I was in no condition for that level of creativity.

Immediately next day started to move into our new house. And the day after. Which I am now in bed from and writing this.

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