The Inferiority of War Comic
It was difficult for me when I found these. During the creation of these I was in love with a certain girl. One I cared not to relive. But it is out of my mandom that I display these here, as it is part of some work I once did. So enjoy them.

These here are the completed full colour comics. There are a fair number missing as they are still in construction and will never be completed, but below you will find the full story in its original draft form.

Colour Full 1
Colour Full 3
Colour Full 4
Colour Full 6
Colour Full 7
Colour Full 8
Colour Full 16

There is also one random one I made.

Not Quite Right

These are the original drafts. They are dodgy, but they get the message across.

1 I am better than you.JPG
2 Shaving fun.JPG
3 The song sucked.JPG
4 retarded jobs.JPG
5 Its my office.JPG
6 easy as fish.JPG
7 Real men love unicorns.JPG
8 Dessert Directions.JPG
9 I Love you Girl.JPG
10 The average IQ.JPG
11 Wandering Minds.JPG
12 Her sexy skin.JPG
13 Boys and our toys.JPG
14 Halo Teaches.JPG
15 Tank Jumping.JPG
16 Silence is Golden.JPG
17 Jojo.JPG
18 Viscious sucker.JPG
19 magic shoe box.JPG
20 Pets are evil.JPG
21 Mirror.JPG
22 The Line.JPG
23 Camping.JPG
24 Kourtneys the one for me.JPG
25 Not right at all.JPG
26 No. The other guy.JPG
27 Lessons.JPG
28 Too much skill.JPG
29 Jojos return.JPG
30 Cant use evil to get good.JPG
31 Kels priorities.JPG